[Beowulf] MPI shared memory errors

Brent M. Clements bclem at rice.edu
Thu Jul 8 12:16:12 PDT 2004

Does anyone know how to fix the problem below? We have an idea or two but
want to get other admin's opinions.


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Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 13:15:18 -0500
From: Randy Crawford <rand at rice.edu>
To: Brent M. Clements <bclem at rice.edu>
Subject: Re: can you send me that error again?

When running two processes over ethernet MPI, the original error was:

p2_15517: (38.889341) xx_shmalloc: returning NULL; requested 65584
p2_15517: (38.889341) p4_shmalloc returning NULL; request = 65584 bytes
You can increase the amount of memory by setting the environment variable
P4_GLOBMEMSIZE (in bytes); the current size is 4194304
p2_15517:  p4_error: alloc_p4_msg failed: 0
CHARMDEBUG> Processor 3 has PID 15518
CHARMDEBUG> Processor 1 has PID 13334
bm_list_13335: (39.139197) net_send: could not write to fd=5, errno =32

I then reset shmmax on all the nodes to be much higher, and I think
the failure then occurred at 128 KB.

Then I set P4_GLOBMEMSIZE to something like 2 GB (instead of 4 MB), and I got a
different error:

p0_6444:  p4_error: exceeding max num of P4_MAX_SYSV_SHMIDS: 256

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