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Judd Tracy jtracy at ist.ucf.edu
Fri Jul 2 10:39:57 PDT 2004

Raised flooring was not really that expensive for a small room like that.  I
think we paid $2500 for approximately 350-400 sq ft installed which I don't
believe is that bad.  That included steps and  5 vented tiles and everything
to install.

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> Hi guys,
>   I've recently put together a plan for a machine room in one of our lab
> spaces, but I'm not very knowledgeable about cooling (or infrastructure
> in general!), and would love to hear some thoughts on what the experts
> here think.
>   At the moment, a high-end power estimate is approx. 14.5kW for the
> systems we'll be running in the near future, and using Dr. Rob Brown's
> figures from his (excellent) writeup on Beowulf Infrastructure
> (http://www.linux-mag.com/2003-06/infrastructure_01.html), I'm
> estimating about 4.2 tons of AC needed.
>   So here's the first of many questions - given the fact that we expect
> to expand our resources in the future, do we go with a much larger AC
> now?  Or is it possible/useful to simply add a second one later?  And
> are there any particular AC vendors people tend to recommend?
>   Secondly, given this is a rather small machine room (aiming for a max
> capacity of 5 42U racks), what advantage would be found in going with a
> raised floor?  And does anyone have any cost estimates on raised floors
> for rooms on the order of, say, 15' by 15'?
>   Finally, what other suggestions do people have for equipment needed?
> On my list we've got the UPS, the AC, thermal sensors and killswitches,
> APC Masterswitch units, power lines, network lines, web/video camera and
> an alarm.  Anything else people find useful?
>   Thanks very much,
>   - Brian
> Brian Dobbins
> Yale Mechanical Engineering
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