[Beowulf] Network benchmark - MPI

Tyler Simon tasimon at olemiss.edu
Thu Jul 1 09:29:52 PDT 2004


I use a relatively small, and easy to use program called NetPIPE 3.6 to test 
and graph (using gnuplot) bandwidth between nodes through MPI. Douglas 
Eadline wrote a nice tutorial on how to use NetPIPE in vol. 1 no. 1 of 
ClusterWorld Magazine (December 2003). Here is the link to the NetPIPE site.


Happy Testing,

> Just wondering, if their is a benchmark or program that I can use to test
> the maximum bandwidth of a cluster from node to node, or all nodes
> communicating to the master node.  I'm thinking any kind of bandwidth test
> will do, but the purpose is to see how much traffic a 40 node cluster can
> take when running MrBayes (a MPI program).
> thanks in advance,
>    Jon

Tyler A. Simon
Student Supercomputer Consultant
Mississippi Center for Supercomputing Research
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