[Beowulf] Distributed Parallel Caching Filesystems

Andrew Fant fant at pobox.com
Tue Dec 28 14:15:14 PST 2004

Hello and happy holidays to all,
      I am looking around at high-performance i/o environments as my 
latest obsessions.  I am hoping to have a couple of systems available to 
play with various options, and am looking to see if anyone has 
implemented a clustered file system that can take span multiple I/O 
servers with multiple network interfaces and cache to local systems 
based on locality of data (something akin to the way SGI did CC-Numa for 
memory in the big Origin 2000/3000 Systems).  Coda seems to have some of 
this functionality, but I really don't want to make users have to 
explicitly send and release data, and I do need standard posix 
semantics.  I can sketch this out in a png and send it to anyone who 
wants to talk further, but for the moment, I hope this sets out what I 
am thinking of.  Thanks to anyone who has any ideas.


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