[Beowulf] Re: looking for a switch to purchase (Michael R. Hines)

Maurice Hilarius maurice at harddata.com
Fri Dec 17 21:20:59 PST 2004

The DLink DGS-1224T is a pretty good bang for the buck.
24 ports of GbE, 2 uplinks, and right on your budget point of $500

>Hi everyone,
>         I'm a graduate student at Florida State University and I'm looking 
>to buy a basic, level 2  gigabit switch that supports jumbo frames. I only 
>need a few ports on this switch: no more than 16, really.
> From the searching on the internet I've been doing, I'm having trouble 
>understanding exactly how to eliminate the switches from different 
>companies. There are tons of them, and many of them have support for other 
>levels, ( 3 through 7), which I don't really need.
>My price range is a maximum of $500.
>Anyone have any suggestions? Your help is much appreciated.
>/* ----------------------------------------------- */
>Michael R. Hines

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