[Beowulf] looking for a switch to purchase

Michael R. Hines michael at beethovenweb.com
Wed Dec 15 19:31:26 PST 2004

Hi everyone,

         I'm a graduate student at Florida State University and I'm looking 
to buy a basic, level 2  gigabit switch that supports jumbo frames. I only 
need a few ports on this switch: no more than 16, really.

 From the searching on the internet I've been doing, I'm having trouble 
understanding exactly how to eliminate the switches from different 
companies. There are tons of them, and many of them have support for other 
levels, ( 3 through 7), which I don't really need.

My price range is a maximum of $500.

Anyone have any suggestions? Your help is much appreciated.

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Michael R. Hines
Graduate Student, Dept. Computer Science
Florida State University
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