[Beowulf] errors while testing machines

akhtar Rasool akhtar_samo at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 10 21:10:44 PST 2004

After the extraction of MPICH in /usr/local


1- tcsh               

2- ./configure –with-comm=shared --prefix=/usr/local

3-  make

4-  make install

5-  util/tstmachines

in the 5th step error was

Errors while trying to run  rsh –n /bin/ls  /usr/local/mpich/mpich-     unexpected response from


n      > /bin/ls: /usr/local/mpich/mpich-

n      no such file or directory

The ls test failed on some machines.

This usually means that u donot have a common filesystem on all of the machines in your machines list; MPICH requires this for mpirun (it is possible to handle this in a procgroup file; see the……)

Other possible problems include:-

The remote shell command rsh doesnot allow you to run ls.

See the doc abt remote shell & rhosts


You have common filesystem, but with inconsistent names

See the doc on the automounter fix

1 error were encountered while testing the machines list for LINUX

only these machines seem to be available






now since this is only a two node cluster host1 is the server on to which MPICH is being installed. & is the client…..

rsh on both nodes is logging freely…….

On the server side the file    “ machines.LINUX  “ contains   



Kindly help




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