[Beowulf] Keeping the Athlon MP cluster limping along

Bari Ari bari at onelabs.com
Thu Dec 9 15:41:52 PST 2004

Robert G. Brown wrote:

> We have a stack (or had, we may finally have pitched them) of close to
> 100 of these pieces of crap.  These are what we bought the 2466's to
> replace, as they are actually BETTER than 2460's.  They still haven't
> got the bios right in the 2466's, but the 2460 bios -- just don't get me
> started.

Have you looked at using LinuxBIOS for them? Tyan has a full-time 
LinuxBIOS developer. He posts near daily on the 
Linuxbios at clustermatic.org list and I hear that LANL uses plenty of them.

Bari Ari

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