[Beowulf] Password less ssh

Sean Dilda agrajag at dragaera.net
Thu Dec 9 06:28:26 PST 2004

Robert G. Brown wrote:

> Try it not as root.  In fact, if you've copied the same keypairs into
> all your user's directories:

Rob, I believe you've responded to the wrong person.  The original 
poster, named akhtar Rasool, did a really weird and potentially 
dangerous thing with user keys.  Then later on Suvendra Nath Dutat asked 
about hostbased authentication in ssh which uses host keys instead of 
user keys.  These are two different people with two different setups.

As for sshing as different users.  I know that the hostbased will not 
let you do that, as I'm using hostbased in my cluster.

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