[Beowulf] Password less ssh

akhtar Rasool akhtar_samo at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 21:58:37 PST 2004

Actually i m unable to achieve paswordless ssh. Without this i cannot successfully install MPICH.
What i have did
- server's /home is shared with the nodes
- kuser on a node has generated its key like
     ssh-keygen -t dsa
which is saved in /home/kuser/.ssh    of the node.
- now i have copied this key(id_dsa.pub) to server's /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
   scp /home/kuser/.ssh/id_dsa.pub   server:/root/.ssh/authorized_keys
- then i have restarted sshd....
Still password asking.. kindly solve
if  rsh is easy to use for a cluster tell me that

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