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Lustre 1.2.8 has been released.  Given the imminent release of Lustre 1.4.0,
the Lustre 1.2.x series will soon come to an end.

There are some significant, user-visible changes in this release:

- a defect in the 1.2.7 networking code caused small messages (stat, create,
etc.) to move very slowly over TCP/IP.  This has been fixed.

- users should notice a more accurate "mtime" during and after file writes

- an issue was fixed in which the signals sent by "strace" could cause a
Lustre RPC to abort too soon

- if an asynchronous write fails (because a server disk has failed, for
example), we now do our best to tell the application that issued the write
(although it may not always be possible)

- Lustre 1.2.7 contained a partial fix for problems which, in certain cases,
prevented binaries from being executed properly when stored in Lustre.  This
introduced different problems, so this code has been removed from 1.2.8 --
mmap support has reverted to the same state as in 1.2.6.  A proper fix will
appear in an early 1.4.x release.

- An issue was fixed which could cause a page to be incorrectly partially
zeroed on the server (resulting in data loss of between 1 and PAGE_SIZE-1
bytes).  This was extremely rare, and most likely when using large-page
(IA64) clients to write to small-page (IA32, x86-64) servers.

- Mounting Lustre could result in significantly-degraded NFS read
performance on the same node, because Lustre disables kernel readahead in
favour of its own.  We now do this in a way that does not impact other file

A complete list of changes can be found at

Lustre 1.2.8 RPMs are available immediately to customers with a CFS support
contract, and will be made available to the general public within 12 months.

A link to the download page can be found at

If you are not already a CFS customer and would like early access to 1.2.8,
details regarding support and evaluation can be found at
http://clusterfs.com/services.html.  In addition to the newest Lustre
releases and expert CFS file system support, CFS support customers gain
access to Lustre tools, a copy of the administration manual and discounts
for classroom training.  For more information, feel free to contact
sales at clusterfs.com

For the Lustre team,


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