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Dan Kidger daniel.kidger at quadrics.com
Thu Dec 2 01:55:10 PST 2004


> Hi,  i saw your e-mail address on a beowulf webpage.  Im trying to build a
> cluster system, but there´s a lot of questions and i was wondering if you
> can help me with some information about clustering on linux suse 9.0. I
> know that it uses a file system called Lustre, but i haven´t found how to
> configurate that file.  Can you give me some links or if you know how to do
> it, please help me, Thanks a lot.

Lustre is a distributed parallel file system. It is not a part of suse9.0 and 
indeed it can be used under a wide variety of Linux distributions. It just 
needs a few kernel patches and a small rpm of binaries.
It was developed by Cluster file systems inc. from money from the US 
Government. Its current status is that you can download it for free, but 
naturally need to pay if you want support.

Lustre has its own website, epinomously titled www.lustre.org
This links you to 
and thence 
which is a must first read.

Feel free to ask more questions once you have read this  ( probably best 
though to use your own email account rather than hotmail. Folk will likely be 
more helpfull :-) )

Remember Lustre has its own mailing lists which may be more appropriate than 
the beowulf list - however I have noticed Lustre is increasingly becoming the 
parallel filesystem of choice for linux clusters.

Hope this helps,

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