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Russell Nordquist rdn at uchicago.edu
Mon Aug 30 11:08:27 PDT 2004

I find two things interesting. 1) The top brass at Orion are from
Transmeta 2) This is not shared memory setup, but ethernet connected. So
latency will be an issue....

Does anyone have any idea haw the Efficeon's stack up against Opterons?
A quad cpu opteron comes in at a similar price as Orion's 12 cpu unit,
but the opeteon is a faster chips and has shared mem. The Orion DT-12
lists a 16 Gflop linpack. Does anyone have quad Opteron linpack results?

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> Posted by: Hemos, on 2004-08-30 12:40:00
>    from the build-your-own-small-cluster dept.
>    [1]Roland Piquepaille writes "A small Santa Clara-based company,
>    [2]Orion Multisystems, today unveils a new concept in computing,
>    '[3]cluster workstations.' In October, you'll be able to choose
>    between a 12-processor unit for less than $10,000 or a 96-processor
>    system for less than $100,000. These new systems are powered by
>    Efficeon processor from Transmeta and are running Fedora Linux version
>    2.6.6. Apparently, this new company has friends in the industry. You
>    already can read articles in CNET News.com ("[4]A renaissance for the
>    workstation?"), the New York Times ("[5]A PC That Packs Real Power,
>    and All Just for Me," free registration, permanent link) and the Wall
>    Street Journal ("[6]Orion Sees Gold in Moribund Workstations," paid
>    registration). The company is targeting engineers, life scientists and
>    movie animators. It's too early to know if the company can be
>    successful, but I would certainly have to get one of these systems
>    under my desk. In [7]this overview, I've picked the essential details
>    from the three stories mentioned above."
> References
>    1. http://radio.weblogs.com/0105910/
>    2. http://www.orionmulti.com/
>    3. http://www.orionmulti.com/news/pr_083020041
>    4. http://news.com.com/2100-1003-5327293.html
>    5. http://www.nytimes.com/2004/08/30/technology/30work.html?ex=1085198400&en=51c69f7db26619fb&ei=5040&partner=USERLAND
>    6. http://online.wsj.com/article/0,,SB109381849182803993,00.html
>    7. http://radio.weblogs.com/0105910/2004/08/30.html
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