[Beowulf] Amber 7/Sander running slower on Dual Xeon 3.6 with HT and RHEL 3 WS update 2!!?!?

Brent M. Clements bclem at rice.edu
Sat Aug 28 20:20:17 PDT 2004

Hi All,
 I was just curious, has anyone experience very bad performance
issues/resultant timings with Amber 7/Sander running on a dual xeon 3.6
with ht and rhel 3 ws update 2?

We have a cluster with that configuration and I have a user who says that
he's seeing much slower performance than he was seeing on a Redhat 7.2
dual xeon 2.6 cluster.

In addition to this question, has anyone seen any performance hits when
using RHEL 3 and/or HT? I know for my own previous experiences, I've had
to turn of HT on some of my customers clusters in order for their code to
perform at expected performance. Anyone else experience something like


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