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> > Sure, after enough people abandoned fortran for the work of 
> the devil
> > that it is and embraced the true and pure light of C (why hide the
> > religious nature of this discussion:-), its dark masters began to
> > embrace the forms and rituals of the true faith in order to 
> win souls
> > back to its satanic creed.  Surely you've noticed that 
> "fortran" is an
> > anagram of "rant for" (or "nor fart" or "torn rat"), which must mean
> > something.  The latter especially.  Who would use a 
> language that has a
> > hidden message encouraging the torturing of ugly animals?  
> Even animals
> > associated with dark rites and witchcraft...
> With respects to Dan Brown:
> Well actually FORTRAN 1 was invented by Da Vinci and not as 
> you assume the
> work of the devil. It was kept a secret until the first 
> digital computer
> was built with steam engines in the basement of a monastery 
> in northern
> France in 1872.  Outlawed by the local clergy, the "proof 
> calculator" (or
> PC) sat there until a local loom operator noticed that the 
> dress in the
> Mona Lisa (the neck line) had a binary code that would run on 
> the machine.
> It was never noticed before because it was written backward 
> in Da Vinci
> style. The program was a "Do Loop" that went on forever (at 
> least it has
> not completed yet, the steam engines were converted from wood 
> to coal in
> 1932) There was rumored to be a secret society that wanted to 
> keep FORTRAN
> a oout of the hands of the masses because they new that if 
> word got out
> about FORTRAN, someone would surely write a BASIC interpreter 
> for small
> computers made by MSTI in New Mexico. Furthermore, based on a modern
> reinterpretation of the binary code on the Mona Lisa's dress 
> (after dry
> cleaning) a alternate sequence of ones and zeros was tried 
> and the program
> reported a result of "42" and halted immediately.
> In order to keep people from learning about these results, the secret
> society reportedly put out a fake theory by someone named 
> Kurt Godel in
> 1931 implying that mathematics was at its core stupid and therefore
> useless. While many were not convinced, another fake theory 
> was put forth
> by Alan Turing that said, you can't stop computers unless you pull the
> plug. Which is what many people believe Da Vinci was trying to say.
> Although the "42" result is curious to say the least.
> Doug
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