[Beowulf] PostgreSQL

Roberto Melo Cavalcante zerok at semad.am.gov.br
Thu Aug 19 08:46:44 PDT 2004

Hi everybody!

I'm newbie in cluster related topics. I really tried to search on your 
archives, but they are too many to search then all. My question is not 
quite exactly about cluster, but about the availabillity of PostgreSQL 
on it. Sorry for that. I did not ask this question on a PostgreSQL 
mailling list but so far I've searched for many days on its site without 
a clear confirmation it doesn't. So please, be patient.

I'd like to know if does anyone have sucessfully installed PostgreSQL on 
a Beowulf cluster?
If so, does PostgreSQL is really taking advantage of the cluster? I mean 
does it see the entire cluster as one machine?


Roberto Melo Cavalcante

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