[Beowulf] Threaded code (& Fortran)

john.brookes at quadrics.com john.brookes at quadrics.com
Thu Aug 19 07:51:58 PDT 2004

> Oh, you'll regret this, yes you will.  Fortran based on "real
> mathematics", harruummph.  Right, and in real mathematics ALL physical
> quanties that begin with the letters I through N are integers, right?
> And equations, they are ALWAYS written only in between columns 7 and
> 72...in capital letters.  I keep forgetting.
Now, now, rgb - play nicely ;-)

without wanting to exacerbate the holy war, do you actually know anybody that doesn't use 'intrinsic none' (given the choice and/or time in the case of legacies) and a compiler that supports free format? an imposition of the choice of language can cause you to be relieved, or to swear like a fishmonger's wife - whatever the language, imho. the latter's less likely in C, admittedly. many scientists are going over to c++ these days, though (the cern suite's largely in c++ these days, right?)

> snatch Buttercup from my
> driveway (she's a wee bit overweight, bring a hoist).

no need - she started packing up her kennel as soon as she heard about you calling her fat :-)


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