[Beowulf] What now?

Jack C jack at crepinc.com
Wed Aug 18 06:39:18 PDT 2004

Thanks for the input guys. I'd just like to address something Mark Hahn said:

> anyone with moderate serial programming skill should be able to pick up
> MPI basics in a couple days.  I believe that MPI is daunting to beginners
> mainly because it's such a fat interface, and people think that they need
> to use one-sided comms, collectives, non-blocking stuff all in their first
> program.  (C++ is quite similar - easy and safe if you don't bother with
> the more fringe features.)

I can write is C fairly proficiently (for a high-schooler at least), but I'm 
simply stuck at how to design the program flow to use the other nodes. 
Example: I wrote a quick hack to seach for primes. Except, with no real calls 
to MPI, it just runs the same code on all the nodes. How might I split it up? 
Ie, have one node that comes up with numbers and keeps track, and others that 
test if it's prime? 

I don't really expect an answer to that question, I was simply wondering if 
anyone might know of some articles/tutorial/etc that deal with this.

Thanks again everyone,

-Jack C
jack {at} crepinc.com

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