[Beowulf] The LC3 cluster project

Márcio de Sousa Pessoa marcio at lc3.com.br
Sat Aug 14 04:14:57 PDT 2004


     Sorry if this e-mail is a bother for you, but I need a precious

     (I'm sorry, but I don't know speak english very well)

     I'm a project manager of LC3 (Low Cost Computer Cluster), the project
home page is www.lc3.com.br. This web-site is fully in portuguese languague.

     My question is: What can I do to insert LC3 name on the Beowulf Related

     LC3 is a low cost cluster, it uses 6 diskless stations and a dual
front-end to manage and serve disk to all diskless computers.



É isso aí...

Márcio Pessoa
marcio at lc3.com.br
Linux Registred User # 280238
site: http://www.lc3.com.br/

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