[Beowulf] Good Grid Computing classes?

Glen Gardner Glen.Gardner at verizon.net
Fri Aug 13 15:07:46 PDT 2004

There really are not many courses around for this kind of thing. Most 
newer concepts don't have a textbook yet.

One way to learn is to build a couple of small clusters and put them on 
a network such that the latency between them is high enough to represent 
a distance of some miles.

Then install your favorite parallel software (mpich, etc) and your 
favorite gridding tools (globus toolkit, perhaps) and try using both 
clusters from a computer on the same high latency network.

If you are a person with a bold heart you might just put a cluster up, 
and hook it to a web server elsewhere on the internet and see if you can 
make it provide some useful service.


Michael Jastram wrote:

>My employer has an educational assistance program, and I would like to
>learn more about Grid Computing and Clusters, as well as tools like
>Beowulf, Ganglia, PBS, etc.  Can anybody on this list recommend
>classes, or point me to resources?
>LOCACTION: I live in the Philadelphia area, but I am interested in
>distance learning as well.
>SKILL LEVEL: I have the equivalent of an MS in CS, and quite a bit of
>working knowledge with PBS and basic cluster administration, as well
>as sold programming, (shell) scripting and system administration
>Thank you for your help!
>- Michael
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Glen E. Gardner, Jr.


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