[Beowulf] Good Grid Computing classes?

Michael Hanulec hanulec at hanulec.com
Thu Aug 12 21:06:24 PDT 2004


To my knowledge there is no classes is Linux clustering.  Cornell Theory 
Center <http://www.ctc-hpc.com/> has a Windows based class... but no UNIX 
tools are covered in their class.

With this being said I would really recommend you getting a few 
server-class machines ( at least two.. but three or four would be more 
useful) and just attempting an install.  There are many good cluster tool 
kits out there which supply many of these utilities:

Oscar <http://oscar.openclustergroup.org/>
- limited to RH9 support
- implements PBS and uses SystemImager
- uses 'rsync' of a compute node image which can easily be edited/added to

ROCKS <http://rocksclusters.org/Rocks/>
- provides a 'rebuilt' version of RHEL
- provides 'rolls' for PBS and SGE
- performs 'kickstart' installs

Warewulf <http://www.warewulf-cluster.org/>
- usable w/ many 'rebuilt' versions of RHEL and implements disk-less 
clusters using RAM disks.

All of the above cluster tool kits have supportive mailing lists with a lot 
of intellect people on them.

Also.. many HPC cluster vendors can provide excellent support for their 
products such as providing additional binaries, etc. to get the above 
mentioned tool kits working.


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On Wed, 11 Aug 2004, Michael Jastram wrote:

> Hello,
> My employer has an educational assistance program, and I would like to
> learn more about Grid Computing and Clusters, as well as tools like
> Beowulf, Ganglia, PBS, etc.  Can anybody on this list recommend
> classes, or point me to resources?
> LOCACTION: I live in the Philadelphia area, but I am interested in
> distance learning as well.
> SKILL LEVEL: I have the equivalent of an MS in CS, and quite a bit of
> working knowledge with PBS and basic cluster administration, as well
> as sold programming, (shell) scripting and system administration
> skills.
> Thank you for your help!
> - Michael
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