[Beowulf] Run matlab files in a cluster

Chris pktitanium at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 4 16:02:36 PDT 2004


I am a newcomer to cluster computing ( a week or so),
so please forgive me if this question sounds silly. I
am using matlab mainly to run femalb m-files... But
my question relates to m-files in general.. 

My Machine is a 2 node beowulf cluster (1 Head and 1
slave node). Both the nodes are 1GB, 1GHz Dual
Processor machines.

I need to run multiple m-files simultaneously, one on
the head node and 2 on the slave node or something
like that.. 

A hypothetical situtaion would be, I have 3 scripts
files (script1.m, script2.m and script3.m) and I want
to run all three at the same time and they should use
the memory of the head as well as the slave nodes. Is
there some easy way to do this???

I was wondering if anyone can help me out in regard to
running multiple m-files using different processors.

Thanks & Regards,

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