[Beowulf] Related to: How to restrict CPU usage

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Wed Aug 4 02:27:56 PDT 2004

akhtar Rasool wrote:
> Hi, Thanx Mark & chris for flourshing my knowledge, What i want to do
> is that if some one executes a parallel program of 2.5 hrs execution
> time while this is executing(on all nodes), if i want to run a 2
> minute parallel program on the same machines how will cluster (made
> with MPICH as an MPI) manage this. Actually i have created a GUI
> environment for the execution of these parallel programs now what
> provision to make in that environment for the above
> problem............

Hello, Akhtar.

The openMosix kernel supports both load balancing, and load limiting:


Use 'FindPage' to search for "load limit" on this Wiki...

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