[Beowulf] How to restrict CPU usage (kindly solve this)

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Mon Aug 2 09:35:48 PDT 2004

> i have made a 4 node cluster now how to restrict CPU usage of a particular
> node i.e. if i want node 2's CPU not to exceed 70% usage.........  

Linux doesn't do that.  and I suspect it's not really what you want - 
what actual problem are you trying to solve?

you could pretty easily write a daemon that fiddled with the cpu affinity
maps (for interrupts and processes), and accomplished something close.
but the 70% is somewhat nonsensical unless you do something crude like 
run one process bound to the CPU and use SIGSTOP/CONT to timeslice it
at .7 duty cycle.  (in the Linux approach, exotic requirements like this
are and should be delegated to user-space, not put into the kernel.)

there are some obscure and probably disused patches which might go in 
these directions, such as hacks to the scheduler.  I suspect you should
explain what your goal is, rather than the solution you have jumped to.

this also has very little to do with beowulfry.

regards, mark hahn.

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