redhat and pxe

Greg MATTHEWS G.Matthews at
Wed Jan 29 02:56:36 PST 2003

thanks to Donald and Erwan for the replies. Good to find the docs at mandrake 
as redhat has next to none.

I'm a little confused by the two types of pxe setup that are described. The bw 
cluster that I am now admin for, uses pxe+dhcp+tftp to kickstart the nodes 
altho it uses intel on-board NICs. according to the docs at mandrake, pxe isnt 
needed at all...

Anyway, as I said, PXE works fine using the 0.1-24 build. I can rule out 
firewall rules blocking the packets and lost config files after upgrade but it 
may be that redhat have changed the config file syntax subtly (even tho it 
doesnt look like a new revision). The nodes pick up the menu ok but then cant 
seem to find the tftp server when using the newer version of pxe.

obviously I neded to do a bit more forensic work. just thought i'd ask in case 
anyone else had already figured it out... somewhat difficult to find the time 
to do much testing on a live system!


ps will redhat *ever* reopen the forums?

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