HZ and HPC

Jean-Christophe Ducom jducom at nd.edu
Tue Jan 28 17:24:28 PST 2003


	I dont' know if this topic has been discussed previously. I was 
wondering how good/bad is the new value for timeslices HZ=512 for RH8.0 
(other distributions?) and HZ=1000 for kernel2.5. I understand how good 
it is for desktop responsiveness but won't it be bad if two 'intensive' 
jobs are running causing a lot of cache misses at every timeslice, 
causing delay to refresh the cache, etc...?
I'd say it'd be better for HPC to keep HZ=100 at least on x86 (1024 on 
alpha afaik but bigger cache).
Comments? Remarks? Suggestions?


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