diskless node + g98?

lmathew at okstate.edu lmathew at okstate.edu
Thu Jan 23 09:43:29 PST 2003

Beowulf list readers:

I have a Beowulf cluster (12 diskless nodes, 1 fileserver/master) with 26 processors (total) that is configured to run computational simulations in both parallel and serial (pretty standard for this list).  I am interested in utilizing my cluster to run a series of serial g98 calculations on each node.  These calcualtions (as many of you know) require a "scratch" space.  How can this scratch space be provided to a diskless node?  Here are a few options that I have identified.

1).  Mount a LARGE ram drive?  (1GB in size if possible??) 
2).  Install hard disk drives in each of the slave nodes?  (unattractive)
3).  Use a drive mounted via NFS/PVNFS?  (large amount of communication)

Has anyone encountered this?  If so...what was the workaround that was implemented?  I am open to any suggestions and comments.   :)


Mathew Lee
Research Assistant
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Oklahoma State University

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