Lahey Licensing of Fortran compiler for Linux - in detail ;-)

Mark Hahn hahn at
Tue Jan 21 11:57:06 PST 2003

> to page 3 of our price list.  Look at the LF95 v6.1 Express 2 user license
> for 64 CPUs.  The price is a one time cost of $1,120.  The license allows
> two users to simultaneously develop programs for use on clusters of up to 64
> CPUs in size.  The code that is developed can be distributed to an UNLIMITED
> number of clusters ranging in size from 5 to 64 CPUs.  The clusters running
> the executable code do not need a Lahey compiler, nor do they pay any fees
> to Lahey.

so the license is saying "this runtime will prevent you from running
a program across more than 64 CPUs".  since there's no way to know 
how big the cluster is, it doesn't even try.  so if you wanted to run 
four separate instances of a Lahey-compiled program on a 256-node cluster,
I think it would be perfectly legal.

it makes a kind of weird sense: if Lahey has to work harder to make their
runtime scale to >64 CPUs, they want to be paid more.

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