Fortran compiler for Linux

Roland Krause rokrau at
Thu Jan 16 16:55:17 PST 2003

can anybody here recommend a Fortran compiler for Linux? I have
Redhat-8.0 installed and I am porting a large numerics code from
Solaris to Linux. This going to run on a WS cluster in parallel with

I have tried Portland Group, it's crap, buggy as hell, the OpenMP
version of the code gives wrong results at some points even, it's slow
IO kills the performance. 

Intel doesnt run on Redhat-8 since there is no support for it yet. 

Or should I go back to Redhat-7.3? Any chance to get the gcc-3.2
compilers to run on older Redhat distros? 

What do people here use? g77? How about OpenMP precompilers? Anything
that will work with GNU tools? 

Thanks in advance for your recommendations. 


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