FW: xCAT Cluster Management SW?

Nicholas Henke henken at seas.upenn.edu
Wed Jan 15 17:40:18 PST 2003

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003 15:58:48 -0700
"Egan Ford" <egan at sense.net> wrote:

> Many of the problems with the RSA firmware have been resolved, please
> upgrade the firmware.    If you have a specific list of issues please
> send them directly to me.  The most common problems are related to
> improper cabling. 

Can you elaborate ? All of our RSA/ASMA's have been wired by IBM. We have noticed that all are set to half duplex in the RSA Config problem. Do they work better if they are set to full duplex?

BTW -- since you know more about them, would it be possible to provide a link to the lastest upgrade for 330/335/342 x series machines? Or maybe just a link to the file matrix page for each. I have a hard time finding them ( as did the IBM tech who was here ).

Nicholas Henke
Linux Cluster Systems Programmer
Liniac Project - Univ. of Pennsylvania

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