question about Intel P4 versus Alpha's

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Not quite true - the giveaway about hyperthreads is if 'top' shows twice as
many lines starting with 'CPU' than you have real cpu's. (You can get the
same info from /proc/cpuinfo).

In general, people prefer to switch off hyperthreading for HPC clusters,
either via a BIOS option, or by passing 'noht' to the kernel (in say

I think that it was the P4 Xeon Prestonia that was the first that had
hyperthreading. It started at 1.8GHz


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These are P4 2.4 ghz and I didn't find anything in the bios about it.  I
thought I had read on Intel's website that hyperthreading was only in the
3.xx ghz P4's?


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Hi Todd,

On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 10:49, Henderson, TL Todd wrote:
> 95-100%cpu utilization range.  However, now we have a cluster of P4's and
> when I look at top, it is more like 70-80% cpu usage.  This is using the
> same number of cpu's, the same switch, same code, and same problem for the
> code.  The jobs are still completing in about 30-40% less time, so we are
> getting a speed up.

Is Hyper-threading enabled ?


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