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How could I ssh from machine A to machine B, run a job and return the result
back to machine A?

What I attempted was setup a ssh agent so could log into machine B without
getting the passphrase prompt, then thought could pipe a command over to
machine B. something like below to make it work,

$ssh hostB | mpirun -np 2 hello

unfortunately it just hangs there, does anyone have any idea how to achieve
what I was trying to do?

Thks for any help,

- Howard,

assuming that you have tested your communications by ssh'ing back and forth
between the two machines:

The first question I have to ask is: how is the first machine related to the
system you are running on? (is it part of the cluster or just some
workstation) if it is not part of the system consider X-forwarding if your
OS and SSH methods support it. if you google X forwarding, you will surely
find a HOWTO that suits your setup. Also, if you are going to ssh into a
machine, the brute force way of ssh into the machine, issue command, and
terminate connection may be easier to troubleshoot.

If both machines are part of the system, are you attempting to start an mpi
job on a machine other than the master of your system? If so, I must say
that seems to be a rather unconventional method of running a job, are you
trying to test your system, and if you are, what are you testing?

if you are simply trying to get a remote process to communicate back to the
master and print a message at the master, I would look up the use of
MPI_Send and MPI_Receive , along with the rest of the MPI interprocess
communications, you can download a reference manual for Sun's version of MPI
(I use SUN HPC "cluster tools" and LAM-MPI, and as far as most to all code
syntax is concerned, they are identical ) from and do a search
for SUN MPI (the most recent version is v 5.0 (early release) if memory
serves).  Also, there is a document I found when I started, by Zdzislaw
Meglicki, which includes a sample code called 'Greetings Master' that uses
interprocess communication, as well as printing to the screen of the master.
the url is:

btw- what sort of sytem are you running on?

Dave F.

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