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Sat Jan 4 21:03:30 PST 2003

Howdy Josh,

On Sat, 2003-01-04 at 16:32, Halpern, Joshua wrote:
> You are not nearly paranoid enough to work for NSA.  They
> would never borrow cycles out of house, for fear that
> by looking at what was happening, someone could figure
> out what they are doing...

LOL! Thanks, I think :^). All kidding aside, I often
wonder if they'll have to out-source their cycles, though,
just to keep up with something like grid-type encryption,
if such a thing exists. If doesn't exist, I'm sure it will
soon. Hmmm. Maybe they could create a really addictive,
massive-multi-player game (such as EverQuest), release it
for -- AHEM! -- "free," and hide their decryption code
inside of the thing, transmitting small groups of processed
packets back to their servers via an obfuscated path. Hmmm.
I like that idea. :^)
Ok, NSA. Are you guys impressed? If so, I'll come to work
for $300,000.00 a year, all expenses paid, and you'll also
have to find a Sandra Bolock (sic?) clone to fix me up with
:^) :^) :^).

Randall Jouett
Amateur Radio: AB5NI

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