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Dean Johnson dtj at
Thu Jan 2 15:56:20 PST 2003

On Thu, 2003-01-02 at 16:21, Mat Harris wrote:
> what i was meaning is if I have a program to work out the value of pi to 500
> places, it will take a while so could you do something like, and I know i'm
> being naive here:
> ./pbs-program /home/matthewh/pi-calculator /root/hosts_to_run_on
> whold a pbs program do anything like this
> I know I am probably barking up the wrong forest and I expect to get told
> "No, you have to wrok out how to code C", correct?

PBS just distributes jobs over a bunch of machines, according to default
or specified criteria. What you want is MPI or PVM, which aids in the
distribution of the work. If you wanted to run 500 jobs on a bunch of
machines, then PBS is what you want. Apart from clever compilers, there
aren't really any good ways to magically distribute a single cpu job
onto a cluster.

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