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Mat Harris mat.harris at
Thu Jan 2 13:25:47 PST 2003

hi, i have been reading the mini-beowulf howto from CAMP (the makers of
VALHAL), anyway, the makers have no bearing on this question.

Please can someone explain what MPI and PBS do. I understand PBS to be
something where I give it a normal, non-cluster-optimised program and it
will distribute the workload over a listed set of machines.

is this correct?

if not please update me. Am I going to need to write all my code
specifically for a cluster? I am not a hot programmer (capable in my field,
which isn't cluters), so am I going to be in trouble or are there programs
to distribute it for you like my attempted explaination of PBS above?

cheers guys.

BTW i am going to set up a 4 node (3+1 head) cluster using RedHat Advanced
Server 2.1 on some old machines at work (PII-450, 256Mb, 10Gb (master:
PIII-950, 512Mb, 30Gb)), are there any pointers you can give a first-timer
with relatvely no C knowledge.

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