Experience with SMC 8624T L2 switches and nics

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Tue Feb 25 05:42:47 PST 2003

> Has anyone used the new SMC Tiger Gigabit switch for
> clustering? Think it’s a model 8624T.
> This is a non-blocking 24 port managed layer 2 switch that
> supports trunking and jumbo frames. Are there any problem
> with SMC 1Gb nicks like the 9552TX? It seems like a very
> good deal at the prices listed.

it is a good deal.  I know of a large cluster recently installed
in Toronto that is very happily using these switches in an agressive
way (somewhat exotic wiring plan, including trunking.)  I believe
they are quite happy with performance.  we have one which I'm 
only starting to evaluate the performance of, but so far, so good.

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