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On Sun, 23 Feb 2003, Maurice Hilarius wrote:

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> >A quick comment and a question.
> >
> >The serial port redirect available on the IPMI option cards on
> >SuperMicro motherboards is significantly flawed, at least in the current
> >implementation of the firmware.
> <<snip>>
> >Don Holmgren
> >Fermilab
> While I have not done much with the SMicro implementation, I have worked
> with the Tyan SMDC.
> Tyan's SMDC (Server Management Daughter Card)  utilizes a separate discrete
> processor for these tasks.
> It supports monitoring and control over the onboard ethernet and/or
> serialports, and works pretty nicely.
> It does not generate CPU load or time loss.
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Thanks for the information - I'll have to take a look at the Tyan

Other than the serial redirect function, which as has been pointed out
previously is not part of the IPMI 1.5 specification, the SuperMicro
IPMI option cards are excellent.  Sensor readout, motherboard logs,
watch dog timer, etc. are all readily accessible via the KCS and
ethernet interfaces.  Like all IPMI implementations, it too uses a
separate discrete processor ("BMC").

Don Holmgren

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