tyan tiger i7501

Dr. Rochus Schmid rschmid at intranet.anorg.chemie.tu-muenchen.de
Thu Feb 20 11:02:24 PST 2003

hi wulfers

we are considering to get an 8node dual cluster.
obvious option is AthlonMP/760MPX.
alternative is Xeon/7500 or now 7501.

can anyone recommend the tyan tiger i7501 (S2723GNN)?
how well does the dual channel memory interface? 
is the onboard GigE ok?

since the 760MPX boards dont have GigE on board, the price difference between 
AthlonMP and Xeons seems to be roughly the pure processor price diff. due to 
the heat problems of the Athlons and SSE2 i tend towards the Xeon.
am i wrong with this?

thanks in advance for any suggestions or hints.



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