Experience with Force10 GigE switches in larger clusters ...

Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Wed Feb 19 15:16:53 PST 2003


Force10 is a newer (1 year) player in the gigabit router/switch 
market.  Looks like they have 4 products (5U, 8U, 15U, 21U) with
application to large gige clusters supporting up to 336 gige ports 
in a single chassis.  What experience have people had with their 
products in a cluster context? Anyone run the PMB benchmarks on 
a cluster with one of their switches and some reasonably good gige 
cards?  Anyone computed a price per port on their products?  Any 
surprises on the zero-length-message, ping-pong, MPI latency 

Thanks for your insights in advance ... :-)


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