Installing Linux (without CD/floppies)

Leif Nixon nixon at
Wed Feb 19 01:11:39 PST 2003

"Robert G. Brown" <rgb at> writes:

> > that would just end up the same anyway. kick-start wouldn't allow you to
> > customise the image as much either.
> I'd have to disagree with this and would indeed roll the opposite way.
> kickstart installs already automagically probe for hardware and manage
> moderate differences between e.g. sound and video and network and disk
> configuration.

Which is nice, until you try it with strange hardware for which you
need to customize the setup, since the automatic probing ends up with
a non-working configuration.

Ever tried to convince anaconda/kudzu that, no, dammit, you should use
tulip_old.o, not tulip.o?

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