Creating user accounts....

Mike Eggleston mikee at
Fri Feb 14 05:01:45 PST 2003

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, RANGI, JAI wrote:

> Yeah this is also a good idea,
> one line ftp can be done this way 
> Root $ scp /etc/passwd root at node1:/etc/passwd 
> it will ask for a password type the password and your done
> and do the same for all three files and on all nodes..
> I was thinking of writing a script for this and run the script for that I
> was thinking of using scp command in batch mode by using the options -B like
> this and should not ask for password 
> root $ scp -B /etc/passwd root at node1:/etc/passwd   
> //but it says
> Permission denied (publickey,password).
> lost connection
> Any idea how to fix this 

use rsync(8)

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