Gateway problems in beowulf cluster

Mike Davis jmdavis at
Tue Feb 4 07:16:43 PST 2003

It should work if you have ipforwarding setup. There shouldn't be a 
difficulty since the channel bonded interfaces have to route through a 
single interface to the larger network.  Why do you want to reach the 
outside from the beowulf? Do you want a one way, or two way connection?

For security purposes, I never forward ip from the beowulf to the 
outside and tightly limit outside traffic to the gateway node.


Angelos Molfetas wrote:

>Hello Everyone,
>I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with
>getting Channel bonding working with iptables?
>I am currently trying to configure a linux box which
>acts as a gateway between our Beowulf cluster (channel
>bonded) and the university network (single fast
>ethernet). I trying to join (using SNAT/DNAT) the
>gateway's public IP address with the master private IP
>address. This way users can just ssh to the gateway
>and it will automatically connect them to master node.
>I don't think the problem is with my iptables scripts
>as they run properly when the beowulf cluster is
>running in single NIC mode. As soon, as we switch
>channel bonding on, it refuses to work.
>I suspect that the linux kernel has problems routing
>packets between a channel bonded interfaces (bond0
>[eth1 + eth2] for example) and a single NIC interfaces
>(eth0 for example).
>I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar
>problem in their beowulf building experience.
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