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Joachim Worringen joachim at
Wed Sep 25 00:48:34 PDT 2002

Patrick Geoffray:
> If you take you car to cross Los Angeles to go to LAX airport, you can
> do that in 20 minutes at 4am. At rush hour, when everybody is roughly
> trying to do the same thing, it's about 3 hours. When you share links,
> you are exposed to such load effect.

Yes, that's right, but it's not only the traffic density on the street, it's 
also about the crossings: roundabouts are often better than traffic lights, 
especially when not everyone is going the same direction.  And that's even 
more true for network packets than for cars as packets strictly follow the 

However, I share your angst about building a 1000-node cluster... 


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