CLIC = Mandrake Cluster Distribution

Donald Becker becker at
Mon Sep 23 16:07:07 PDT 2002

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Philippe Augerat wrote:

> as an answer to recent postings about "mpich distros" and "revamping our
> beowulf", I would suggest to use the CLIC cluster distribution
> (
> It includes the last mpich release and an efficient cloning toolbox
> ( which is our contribution to the CLIC
> project.
> CLIC is managed by a Linux distro maker, Mandrake, and thus aims at
> gathering the best ideas from HPC developers & users.

This cluster distribution still has the problem common to many other
old-style cluster systems: by cloning full installations it has
significant long-term maintainence and consistency problems.  Nor does
it have any approach to scalability or system observability.

[[ Just venting at the advertising nature of this posting: this appears
to be just a me-too collection of unrelated tools, with no overall
design or architecture.  Where is the innovation or contribution? ]]

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