OK, I can finally talk about it (fwd)

Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Mon Sep 23 14:43:28 PDT 2002

Dean Johnson wrote:

>Once you start adding racks and cables and such, the cost rockets
>upwards quickly. I still have to figure out whether, by weight, fiber
>cables are more expensive than gold. You might even throw in a little
>*gasp* "profit margin". For those who haven't heard that term before,
>you can probably find a definition in an "old economy" economics text.

My node price (~$4,500) included the full Myrinet set-up (cables, etc.) 
although the cost of scaling to 1024 node sizes was not. I am willing
to allow for all profit that the "market will bear". Just thought that 
$6,400 number looked a bit high ... but maybe I have underestimated the 



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