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Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 10:47:29 -0600 (MDT)
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Subject: OK, I can finally talk about it

We're building a 1024-node linuxbios cluster with Dual-P4 systems and
Myrinet. No disks on the nodes. Single System Image via bproc. Monitoring
with Supermon. Plus lots of other stuff we hope to be showing in the next
year. LNXI is the vendor.

In other words, the idea we had 3 years ago has now hit the big time:


So, we did it! I mean all of us -- the people on this list.

One question I keep getting from the Big Computer Vendors: "how many nodes
will this sell this year? How much money?" Well, this year, linuxbios will
sell at least 2500 or so dual-P4 nodes, not counting all the other types
of nodes currently selling. And, though it is a small number, total
linuxbios cluster node sales this year are over $16M, up from $0M last

Anyway, thanks to all the great people on this list who have contributed
code and ideas over the last 3 years. There are a lot of you, too long to
list at this point, but you all know who you are. WE DID IT!


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