MyVIA 0.7.3 and other releated softs were released!

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Sat Sep 21 01:00:33 PDT 2002

  MyVIA & MPI for VIA (Virtual Interface Architecture) is a high performance message passing system. 
  MyVIA 0.8.0 for LANai9 was finished, it isn’t the upgrade version of MyVIA 0.7.3, but was based on Berkeley VIA3.0. It supports RDMA write/read, and runs on Linux2.4.x. Next time, we will combine MyVIA 0.8.x and MyVIA 0.7.x and produce MyVIA 0.9.x. 
  MPI for VI-GM 0.1.0 was released. It supports VI-GM 1.x and is based on MVICH 1.0.x.
  MPI for MyVIA.0.2.2 ( support MyVIA.0.7.3)was finished, and is based on MVICH 1.0.x
  MyVIA 0.7.3 for LANai9 was finished. It's more stable.

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