Distributed Computing Workshop

Mark Zottola - Contractor mzottola at arl.army.mil
Mon Sep 16 15:55:17 PDT 2002

The National Science Foundation (NSF), Southeastern Universities Research
Association (SURA), the University of Kentucky and the Army Research
Laboratory (ARL) are pleased to announce the Second Internet Bridge
Computational Chemistry Workshop.  This workshop seeks to provide a
showcase for the frontiers of computational chemistry and will take
advantage of the advances in VRVS, allowing for state-of-the-art knowledge
to be presented with state-of-the-art technology.

Exploring the future of computational chemistry, this workshop will discuss
alternatives for mapping computational chemistry software on to the new
generation of Terascale machines.   Since the National Science Foundation
is building the ETF (Extended Terascale Facility) aka the Teragrid, the key
question for computational chemistry is "How can computational chemistry
take advantage of the Teragrid to solve very large scale problems?"

To answer that question developers of some of the most widely used quantum
codes will speak on their products.  These speakers include Dr. Theresa
Windus of Pacific Northwest Laboratories (NWChem) and Dr. Rodney Bartlett
the University of Florida (ACES II).

This workshop will be held October 7 and 8 at the University of Kentucky.
and will be using VRVS technology to link Mbone and H.323 technologies into
a single distributed environment.

Registration for participation and information for this event is at
http://www.sura.org/events/2001/compchem/chemistry02.html .  Attendance via
internet can also be accomplished by registering your site in the off-site
registration form.  A link to information, how to use VRVS technology and a
technical assistance contact is provided.

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