Dual channel DDR and the E7500 chipset

Camm Maguire camm at enhanced.com
Thu Sep 12 13:11:17 PDT 2002


Mark Hahn <hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca> writes:

> > 1) Can a single CPU installed alone in a dual Xeon motherboard with
> >    dual channel DDR 200Mhz memory have access to the full 3.2Gb/s
> >    memory bandwidth?  I.e. does the chipset restrict each CPU to a
> >    single channel of the DDR memory, or some such?
> as far as I can tell, the DDR is 128b wide, not dual independent channels.
> though you'll obviously never see 3.2 GB/s if for no other reason than 
> the fact that the ram protocol has overhead.  stream scores without any
> heroic efforts (just gcc, no fancy prefetching, etc) are about half that
> (which is quite good.)

Thanks for this reply!  We're also trying to manage this upgrade on a
budget, and would like to use our old ATX cases if possible.  The dual
Xeon motherboards reportedly require their own expensive case, but it
appears from some of the specs we've seen that they'd fit into our
current cases, though without much room for error.

Has anyone gotten one of these boards into an ATX case?

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