undergrad senior project idea, help

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My hysterically outdated cluster (http://superid.virtualave.net/beowulf.jpg) was a collection of 33 and 66 mhz 486'en :)

So for demonstration purposes it might actually be more interesting to find systems that are being thrown away so that you can "rescue" them!


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Thank you all for the input! Another question though.. is there any kind
of minimum requirement level for hardware? I picked up a copy of the MIT
Press Beowulf Cluster Comp. w/Linux which uses an example node of
Athlon 1GHz. Well with me coming from a small private school w/very
limited budget I think I'm looking at Pent. 2's at best.. but then again
I could always include it somewhere in my cost analysis that this is what
you get with P2's and this is what you might get if you used PC's with
more expensive processors..

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